Health is written in your DNA. Improve your performance with a simple genetic test.

What is the Life Sport and Performance DNA Test?

Are you an athlete or do you play sports at an amateur level? Do you want to know which sport is best suited to your body and which diet you should follow to get the most out of your workouts? Do you want to train in complete peace of mind, avoiding muscle, bone or tendon injuries? With the Life Sport and Performance DNA Test you can obtain concrete answers to these and many other questions.

The Life Sport and Performance DNA Test provides information which is useful for improving the performance of athletes at all levels and for preventing injuries.

More information about the test

It is designed for those who want to know more about their body and their metabolism by using the information found in their genes. The results you obtain through exercise actually depend on both your training programme used and on an appropriate diet.

Lifebrain therefore offers the Life Sport and Performance DNA Test Complete Kit. This includes two tests (which can also be purchased individually):

  • The Active Metabolism Test which provides useful information on your metabolism so that you can adapt your diet in a personalised way
  • The Performance and Injury Test which provides information on your predisposition for developing muscle, tendon and bone injuries



For whom is the test intended?

The test is suitable for those who already lead a healthy lifestyle — practising sports and following a healthy diet — and also for those who have decided to get back in shape. With the information obtained from the Life Sport and Performance DNA Test you will be able to plan workouts suited to your body in combination with an appropriate, personalised diet.

What the kit contains

The complete kit, which will be delivered to your home, contains two buccal swabs, a privacy policy for you to sign, and instructions for use.