When is the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Check-up recommended?

The Check-up is recommended:

  • if you wish to confirm or rule out a suspected diagnosis of a sexually transmitted infection;
  • if you want to have a child, in order to screen for specific microorganisms which can compromise the function of systems and organs, and can cause male and female infertility.


What are sexually transmitted diseases?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites which affect both men and women. Sexually transmitted diseases are usually contracted during sexual intercourse, through direct contact with semen or vaginal secretions, through oral intercourse, or through lesions which predispose to contagion. They can also be transmitted through the exchange of unsterilised, infected objects.

How is the sexually transmitted disease check-up carried out?

The Basic STD Check-up is carried out with a blood collection. The STD Check-up Plus is carried out with a blood collection and a vaginal or urethral swab.


Where is the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Check-up done?

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Check-up can be carried out in all Lifebrain centres. Find your nearest Lifebrain centre on www.lifebrain.it