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Alcohol intolerance: what is it and what are the symptoms?

Alcoholintolerance — or alcohol sensitivity — occurs in people who do not have the correct enzymes for metabolising alcohol’s toxins. It is a genetic predisposition and is shown by some symptoms — such as flushing of the faceitchingrunny noseheadachelow blood pressure and nausea and vomiting — which, unfortunately, are also associated with other disorders, thus making the identification of this particular sensitivity “difficult”. As if that weren’t enough, alcohol intolerance or sensitivity could also be caused by some ingredients commonly found in alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine. These include sulphiteschemicalshistaminecornwheat and various types of preservatives .

It may therefore be useful to purchase the Life DNA Test for alcohol sensitivity online and carry it out yourself.

What is the Life DNA Test for alcohol sensitivity?

The alcohol sensitivity test assesses the genetic predisposition for the fast or slow metabolism of alcohol. Alcohol sensitivity depends on the speed with which it is metabolised by the body and eliminated: sensitive individuals are therefore more vulnerable to its toxic effects. The test can determine whether someone has difficulty metabolising alcohol and potentially has a greater tendency to drink alcohol.

How is the Life DNA Test for alcohol intolerance carried out?

You carry out the test yourself using a dry buccal swab which you use to collect a sample of cells from the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. 

Negative test = No predisposition

What does the Life DNA Test kit for alcohol sensitivity contain?

The complete kit, which will be delivered to your home, contains two buccal swabs, a privacy policy for you to sign, and instructions for use.

Who is the genetic test for alcohol intolerance intended for?

The alcohol sensitivity test is intended for those who regularly consume alcohol and are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is also suitable for those who suffer from problems after consuming even small quantities of alcohol , such as nausea, motor difficulties, loss of balance, nasal congestion or flushing of the skin.