Health is written in your DNA. Improve your performance with a simple genetic test.

What is the Active Metabolism Genetic Test?

Everyone who engages in sport is well aware that training begins at the table: a proper diet is fundamental to obtaining better performance. Thanks to the Active Metabolism Test any genetic predisposition to alterations in the metabolism of fatssugars and homocysteine can be analysed as can the resistance to stress. Knowing one’s own metabolic profile is an additional tool which athletes can use to adjust training, personalise nutrition and assess whether supplements should be taken.

How is the active metabolism test carried out?

Watch the video tutorial to find out how to order the kit and perform the test

The  active metabolism test is easy to perform, using a dry buccal swab which you use to collect a sample of cells from the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Once received by the Lifebrain Genetics Laboratory, the DNA is extracted and analysed to show which gene variants are present.

What the kit contains

When you order the active metabolism test online, you will receive a home test kit containing two buccal swabs, a privacy policy for you to sign, and instructions for use.

Who is the metabolism test intended for?

The active metabolism test is intended for all those interested in keeping fit with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. It is particularly intended for those who practise sports at all levels, from amateurs to professionals.

Physical fitness and performance are closely linked to an ad hoc planned diet. The more information you have about your metabolism, the more effective your personalised diet will be.