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Blood tests and laboratory tests are fundamental prevention tools for taking complete control of your health, so reducing your risk of developing pathological conditions and identifying them early. Lifebrain centres offer a full range of tests and analyses at a price everyone can afford.

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Life DNATest Nutrigenetics

Genetic lactose intolerance

With the Life DNA Test for lactose intolerance you can quickly find out if you have a genetic predisposition for developing lactose intolerance.

Life DNATest Nutrigenetics

Genetic intolerance to gluten and coeliac disease

The test is intended for all those who want an “individual answer” as regards the consumption of gluten-containing products or who think they have a genetic predisposition for coeliac disease.

Life DNATest Sport & Performance

Active Metabolism Genetic Test

Thanks to the Active Metabolism Test any genetic predisposition to alterations in the metabolism of fats, sugars and homocysteine can be analysed as can the resistance to stress.

Complete Checkups

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Check-up is a set of tests which screen for viral infections, changes in hormones, and vitamin and chemical element deficiencies associated with the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Life DNATest Health & Wellness

Anti-Ageing Genetic Test

Thanks to the Anti-Ageing Genetic Test is possible to analyse the genes involved in the aging process. The result allows you to take timely actons to slow it down.

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Metabolic Syndrome Check-up

Metabolic Syndrome (MS) Screening is a pack of tests which indicate the presence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, which are associated with the metabolic syndrome.

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Base Plus Check-up

A pack of tests for monitoring the general state of your health and checking the body’s general functions.

Life DNATest Health & Wellness

Bone Health Genetic Test

The Bone Health Test not only helps to identify genetic markers which predispose to osteoporosis, it also examines the genes related to joint weakness and the inflammatory response.

Life DNATest Health & Wellness

Homocysteine Genetic Test

The information obtained with this test is useful for anyone interested in knowing their possible predisposition for cardiovascular risk.

Life DNATest Health & Wellness

Weight Control Genetic Test

The Weight Control Test provides information on the genetic predisposition for weight gain.

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