From now on, you can carry out molecular saliva test throughout the Lazio region.

In the Lifebrain laboratories of Lazio, you can carry out molecular saliva test for the detection of the SARS CoV-2 infection. The test is fast and non-invasive and allows for infection identification especially in its early stages.

The test is aimed at:

  • Symptomatic subjects: within the first five days of the onset of symptoms
  • Asymptomatic subjects: those who are screened repeatedly for professional reasons or otherwise
  • Vulnerable groups: the disabled, the elderly and children

What it is and why should you do it
The test is performed with a simple swab impregnated with saliva to allow the quick detection of infection.
This test is:

  • non-invasive – the swab is rubbed on and under the tongue, and against the inner parts of the mouth
  • fast – results are available within 24 working hours
  • reliable – saliva is a representative biological matrix in the early stages of infection