The important Hepatitis C prevention campaign is underway: the initiative intends to reach 20 thousand patients

According to the latest data, about 200 thousand people are affected by HCV, the hepatitis C virus, in Italy. This chronic infection of the liver is transmitted through the blood and if neglected it can also lead to cirrhosis with liver damage. However, if diagnosed promptly, hepatitis C is curable in over 98% of cases.
Early screening is therefore essential as most of those who have contracted the HCV virus are unaware of it. A priority also underlined by the World Health Organization: by 2030 the WHO intends to reduce the number of new infections by 90% and the deaths due to viral hepatitis by 65%.

Lifebrain’s commitment to the fight against Hepatitis C

Starting from January 2021 Lifebrain is launching a major, national hepatitis C screening campaign, by making use of its extensive Italian network, with over 300 centres.

All patients who fall into the at-risk categories, will able to have the HCV test free of charge, at one of our centres.

The initiative’s objectives were both prevention and making the entire population aware of an insidious condition which strikes silently. The Hepatitis C prevention campaign launched by Lifebrain is thus even more valuable and important.

Details regarding the HCV Test and Partners of the initiative

The screening includes:

  • A level I test for HCV antibodies using an immunoenzymatic method
  • A second quantitative HCV RNA molecular test only if the above test is positive

Following the diagnosis of HCV infection, patients will be referred to authorised hepatology centres throughout Italy for antiviral therapy.
The initiative will be carried out with the unconditional contribution of the biopharmaceutical company Gilead and is sponsored by EpaC, an important non-profit reference organisation for hepatitis patients and their families.
EpaC Onlus will also provide information material and a freephone number, active from 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday, which will be answered by the association’s operators. They will provide counselling and suitable information aimed at the prevention and treatment of HCV infection.