Life DNATest Intestinal Well-being

Identify changes in your intestines

Changes help to identify an alteration in the balance of the microbiota, also known as the bacterial flora, in the presence of intestinal disorders and a weakened immune system.
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Life DNATest Intestinal Well-being

Microbiota Plus Genetic Test

The test assesses the correct qualitative-quantitative balance of the bacterial species of the intestinal microbiota and its correlation with inflammatory states or impaired permeability.

Life DNATest Intestinal Well-being

Microbiota Genetic Test

The Microbiota Genetic Test is suitable for those who want to know the composition of their microbiota, also known as their bacterial flora. The test provides the dysbiosis index of the intestinal microbiota that is the qualitative and quantitative alteration of the various bacterial species of the intestine.